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questionnaire, speaker, executive and leadership development coach

Strategic Advisor: Empowering Success

Hello, I’m Reneé – glad to meet you. I am the founder of 4Mosaic. Thank you for taking an interest in our services.

As professional coaches our role is to support ambitious individuals to thrive, reach their leadership potential, and their goals – for sustainable success. To help you see your story is what makes you remarkable.

We help our clients get clarity, step into their power, shift their perspective and get strategic about how to practically achieve their work and lifestyle objectives. 

The way we work involves being centered, focus, creative, vulnerable with an emphasis on mindset. We offer a range of coaching services that cater for a range of client and high achievers, from CEOs, Senior Executives, managers, and entrepreneurs, and organizations.


We can help you course correct to fulfilling your purpose.


We are all broken vessels with purpose looking for fulfillment in life. The only way to purpose is through relationships, we were never meant to do life alone. Love covers and changes all things.


Talking a good game without action, wasting my time or others, going around the merry-go-round, lets be open and honest, getting straight to the point.


Reading, writing, hiking, working out, singing songs from my heart, taking a class for self-development, and asking questions.


Devotion time with my God (praying, singing, dancing, crying, and questioning), working out, breakfast, work, purposeful conversations, and listening to my daughters stories.

Renee of 4Mosaic

Why Work with Me?


I hold a Postgraduate certificate in Executive & Neurology Linguistic Coaching. I am a doctoral graduate with a focus in strategic leadership. I am certified Small Group Facilitator, Experiential Adolescent Trainer, Mitigator, Leadership Management, and Employee Resource Group Manager. I have been working as an executive coach for the last four years and have coached teams to success throughout my career in leadership development.


Work-life balance is important to me. I use proven focus activities and methods to produce results without sacrificing your life to work. Success is what you determine, not society.

Success Oriented

You are here for results and I am here to support you in those efforts. When you work with me, commit to the work, you will win.


Too much talking and not enough action is why people do not see the desired change. I have a practical approach; you will get the results you need to make it happen.


I believe being who you are is what makes each of us special. When you show up as you, that is what makes the difference. I have blood running through my veins, like you. I love to read, work-out, hike, do DIY projects, volunteer, and figure out new ways to do things. I live and work in Northern Virginia. My work style is focused, inquisitive, disciplined, consistent, and open.

Barnes Noble standing_edited.jpg
Barnes Noble standing_edited.jpg

kind words

Reneé is a remarkable leader. From conception to execution she is exceptional at delivering on any initiative that has been placed in her hand. She always goes above and beyond what you asked for. She’s a great collaborator and inclusive leader. I would have Renee on my team or lead any team at any time. She’s outstanding!

Potential drop for you

Brokenness is Beautiful

How I got here.



young sheldon


water out of my 24 oz. dented hydro flask


the confidence to be yourself, authentic, the courage to release your greatness


a good carrot cake worth the calories


whatever my daughter is playing

Mirroring to evaluate self
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